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How food Plays Important role in improving and enhancing sex stamina

Improving sexual experiences is a practice for thousands of thousands of years including trying to discover the good and best food for sex.

Our ancient wisdom says the best sex comes when we have a healthy energized body and mind. Kamasutra says when we feed ourselves and our partner presentation and variety of foods are very important. Fortunately, we have all today, beautiful dishes, good ambiance, decor, and fabulously written menus, they are all potential you have to choose so much from, so don’t limit yourself to old ideas only rather try something new every day.

A good healthy diet can open up all the chances and channels of our sexual energy and regular exercise gives us the stamina to stay with it longer.

As per the Kamasutra, a big heavy meal before sex is not at all a good idea because all the energy gets channelized into the digestive process and sexual arousal gets lower. Kamasutra recommends meals after sex, before sex, and a couple of drinks without alcohol can be offered.

Sex needs energy, good sex needs a lot of energy and a fabulous one needs a huge amount of energy. So, our food and drinks should help in the process and not distract it.

Food for circulation and stamina:

• A wide range of fruits and vegetables.

• Whole grain and lots of fiber.

• Healthy oils such as sunflower oil and olive oil

• kinds of seafood, dry fruits, and nuts.

These foods not only keep the heart healthy but sexual health as well.

It is found that people with metabolic syndrome who followed the oily and spicy diets had problems like erectile dysfunction etc. * Resource “study on a Mediterranean diet”.

Foods such as avocados, asparagus, nuts, and seafood show a good link with better sex in both traditional medicine and scientific research.

Foods that boost libido

Eating habits and foods that are commonly known as aphrodisiacs are named after “Aphrodite” the greek goddess of love meant to be the libido boosters. Higher zinc content foods basically come under this category.

• Zinc helps the body in many vital functions such as cell metabolism, stamina, and regulating the level of testosterone (a sex hormone).

• Crab

• Lobster

• Red meat

• Breakfast sprouts

• Nuts 

These are some examples of zinc-content foods. 

It’s a different aspect that a good sexual life is just not dependent on nutrition but your stress level, individual’s relation with each other, and preferences play an essential role but nutrition can’t be denied. 

Foods helping to maintain an erection 

Citrus foods, foods rich in flavors such as 

  • Citrus fruits
  • Berries
  • Grapes, apple, pepper, and cocoa products 
  • Red wine
  • Green tea
  • Watermelon prevents any sort of erectile dysfunction and is beneficial for good blood circulation 


A good diet improves the ability to have good sex and pleasure, your diet should be balanced and nutritious. In the time of Kamasutra, there was a social norm to eat during mid-afternoon and after the late evening was not generally recommended.

Ideally, if the couple has a sex date the beloved would be fed with light snacks and something warm which takes light energy to digest. No fatty meats because it gives sweat and sexual fluids, an unpleasant odor during sex.

The passage of time and wishful thinking about foods like aphrodisiacs makes the body sexy.

Alcohol was great but in moderation at the time of Kamasutra today also a couple of glasses not only relaxes but increases your energy too. Kamasutra suggests women to take to enhance their beauty with flushed cheeks, eyes, and wine breath – it was a high compliment for any woman at that time but too much of anything is never good its always a flop.

Vatsyayana says “Amadyati Nagrakeagu” it means “abstinence is a very special virtue” but moderation was good and considerable. Generally, red wine was a preferred drink during the time Kamasutra was written because the color red is the color of passion, and it’s warm. It was perfumed with lotus flowers or new mango leaves to counter the effect of bad breath.

Sugarcane juice is a highly recommended thing in the book and is considered as a nector of an immortal with sali rice, it helps in sweetening your senses and is a great aphrodisiac. (the tradition of throwing rice at newlyweds comes from Sali rice only). Source: kamsutra

There is nothing called perfect practice for good sex, it changes from age to age. At every stage, the need changes and to fulfill those needs the food habit should be proper and seductive too.


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